Here are some helpful instructional videos.*

How to Put On a Wig

This video shows how to put on a wig. (Note: Althought his video shows the use of a wig cap, many people prefer not to wear one. Hair can instead be secured in a low pony tail and tucked under the cap or hair can be secured with bobby pins or clips)

Applying False Eyelashes If You Don't Have Any




More Tips for Applying False Eyelashes

Fun Tips for Making a Top Out of a Square Scarf


How to Tie a Headscarf

This is a great instructional video showing how to tie a headscarf.

Easiest Way to Tie A Scarf Without Knots. 




Fun Tips for Tying Scarves


Recreating Eyebrows

This is a great video with excellent tips for creating the illusion of eybrows.

How to Wear a Buff.  

Buffs are a great alternative to scarves or hats. 

Fun Tips for Tying Scarves into Cute Vests


Instructions on the 7 Ways to Wear Our Versatile Shelly Vests

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